Friday, November 30, 2012

After 30824723894723 years. I IS BACK! haha!

I don't know what prompted me to just drop by here and start typin away. Really. Its kinda like a random thing I would say. hah!

Then I realised like a lot of you guys are doing that whole private viewing/by invites only to protect your privacy. Man, I have been left out! =( 

Me can't read no blogs like how I used to. tsktsk.

Anyways, i dont even know the purpose of me having a new post la. lets just say I'm bored?

I am on study break. I should't feel this. *duh*

The fact that I'm seeing a lot of people are chilling makes me wanna chill to. really.

I am REALLY not in the mood to study man. Never been like this in my study break. EVER. i don't like this feeling, seriously but i can't help it. *pityful face*

I actually did start early. So I guess that's part of the reason why i am slacking like a mofo now? lol I don't know.I better not regret this. its like the stress doesn't come. *not enough more like it* 

Like when I look at a case and on how to manage it, it feels like hey i know this , y'know? but I am still worries shit. damn.

Worse of all I just feel like chilling ALL THE FREAKING time. Adoi. God help me man.

Now its the final year of being a student. yes. Sem 7. Total 8 sems. I am afraid of the future. Yes, Lim San San is! LOL.

This year ain't that good. Got involved in a major accident *i'm fine obviously- no injury!- lucky me* it was pretty devastating due to the fact that I need the car to move around in seremban when I was attached there for clinical posting! but thanks god for wonderful friends and housemate I was saved!

That's one of the worse thing that happened to me for this year. I would regard the rest as not-so-serious lah k? hehe

Other than that, I think I have had pretty fair share of fun. Meeting people, making new friends, tried new food and drinks =))

Oh can't wait for me friend Shaun to be back!

I also have a Hong Kong trip with the family in mid of DEC. =))

Fast updates will end here. Got lazy *why am I not surprised*

I'll be back okay!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

So much to do. so little muh-nee

Sem break is here again. haha. all of those things in the previous post are to be done. Pronto!

i've got reserch to do next sem. shitzzzz. dont think bout it yet.

another thing to add on the to do list:

-=* buy an oversized toop to cut into an off shoulder top. AHAH
-=* Get a good book. coffee and chill outside, starbucks?
-=*archery, bowling.

Eh, who is up for clubbing? =) next week. hurry hurry lemme know.

I just love this cover-the-flashlight effect. LOL

Monday, March 28, 2011

To Do List

-=* Karaoke
-=* Go check out batting cage at one U
-=* Shisha
-=* Maybe go for some play, or art gallery visit. Heh.
-=* Physically active.
-=* Read more
-=* Go Ampang for the so called Korean Town/Area. hehehe. of course its with the girls =)
-=* Go pavilion, bukit bintang the whole area around there.

I guess thats all for now coz it's gonna sound like a resolution instead. LOL.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Up Up here we go~

After a dinner at Artista in Tropicana City Mall with Manishya and Rodney and Raaj, we headed to Sky Bar at Traders Hotel 33rd floor for a drink.Just to chill out. Raaj didn't go tho. He got lost for a bit and then his throat was being a bitch so he went back. hah. I must say, i enjoy that place very much althought the drinks are not cheap definitely. Urm, not my first time actually. Been there a couple of times with other bunch of friends. I had fun although i felt a WEEEEE bit lost coz i'm the odd one out. Aizad and his gf joined us later on that night. I got no juicy story to tell la. It was more of me layan-ing myself that night with Chardonnay in my hand. Thanks amira for the drinks! so i felt lonely. for once. Serious. I think its that time of the month, that's why all the emo feelings. heheheh.

I think i need a proper night out. like a single ladies night out, to the club. Hell yeah. This itch has gotta be cured. clubbing itch that is.. what are u guys thinking?.. tsktsk.

So much work... gotta study summore. i'm so not in the mood. Geezzzzzzz. *whines*

Alritey, time to buck up. Gotta run! Chao~

Ps: Someone tapped me on the arm and asks if she could take a picture of me coz i was dressed in black. Not total black tho. just the black cardigan, white spaghetti top with navy blue high waisted skirt paired with my navy blue heels. apparently it was some black dress code for that night and she wants to take a picture of me. so i was reluctant at first telling her my face is red due to alco, she said its okay, you wont be able to see that its red.. then i finally agreed. god knows where will my picture appear. haha. damn weird. i cant pose for shits okay. like some ppl can have those nice individual shots just by being natural. i aint one of 'em. i kinda saw the picture. i think its... alright? hmm...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tell me how you feel - joy enrique

sigh. bodo la aku nih. adakah pms menyebabkan anda fikir yang bukan-bukan? it must be. i'm quite positive bout that. haha.

seriously why this dissatisfaction?

hmm. i think u've got an issue san. big bad issue. fix it, hurry pls?

Monday, March 21, 2011


Well, its 1am. i dont think i'm going for first class at 8am tomoro. Malas. Dunno why am i feeling like this. Like i've lost all the motivation to do whatever things in life. FTS. Where is that San the ever so energetic San. pffft..

its time to do something active to perk me up. YES. BASEBALL. one utama's rooftop.

any takers? *i'm serious about this* or else i'll just ask vivna tee to go with me. haha. this momma will layan me for anything one. hohoho.

Oh, has anyone actually seen the Supermoon? i couldn't be bothered to. Then now i regret. haha. whatever la..

At this point, i guess i'm just gonna finish the freakin report and sleep.

i still owe sathya. we're suppose to skype. dangg~ no wonder i feel like i've no answers to some of my questions, coz the fairy god mother hasn't heard about my stuffs yet! haha! you know every single time after talkin to her i feel much much better. doesn't mean that when i'm emo i find her, its just updating her about my life, hearing what has she gotta say, means the world to me. what a special friendship we have. i treasure you so much Sathya =)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Have you ever thought about this?

Say one day if u're in trouble. be it big or small serious or not.

who will stand by you to help you to go through shits? who will be there to hold your hair back when you're puking your guts out after a night of really heavy drinking? who will be there to actually listen to your problems and give you relevant advice rather than " aiya, life is like that one la".

Are they going to be there for you when u needed them the most? who will not back out and keep a distance from you just so they don't look bad by gettin involved in whatever that they feel is embarassing to them?

before you actually make decisions, think wisely. Don't just talk the talk and not walk the walk. As far as i know they're only a handful of ppl that actually cared for shits for me as in truly and sincerely.

Honestly i dont actually give two shits bout things like this but what someone has said is quite true. Put that aside i always don't notice things like this unless someone else rather than myself actually reminded me that 'hey, this is not right'.

Nah, i'm not emo. It's just that something said by someone make me think for a bit. That's all. =D

Oh by the way, i've got so much shits to do. (i chilled on Saturday and that is taking a toll on me.) Grr. I wanted to go out SO badly on Saturday night but no one was available. sigh. What a pathetic life, seriously. i've had a couple of deep thoughts lately. i have to maximize this mundane life of mine. Like for shizzle. i've been performing under my ability and strengths. High time to step up. its been what? 22 years? i wanna feel more useful you know?
okay, one step at a time, alright? see what i can do. hoho. =)