Friday, November 30, 2012

After 30824723894723 years. I IS BACK! haha!

I don't know what prompted me to just drop by here and start typin away. Really. Its kinda like a random thing I would say. hah!

Then I realised like a lot of you guys are doing that whole private viewing/by invites only to protect your privacy. Man, I have been left out! =( 

Me can't read no blogs like how I used to. tsktsk.

Anyways, i dont even know the purpose of me having a new post la. lets just say I'm bored?

I am on study break. I should't feel this. *duh*

The fact that I'm seeing a lot of people are chilling makes me wanna chill to. really.

I am REALLY not in the mood to study man. Never been like this in my study break. EVER. i don't like this feeling, seriously but i can't help it. *pityful face*

I actually did start early. So I guess that's part of the reason why i am slacking like a mofo now? lol I don't know.I better not regret this. its like the stress doesn't come. *not enough more like it* 

Like when I look at a case and on how to manage it, it feels like hey i know this , y'know? but I am still worries shit. damn.

Worse of all I just feel like chilling ALL THE FREAKING time. Adoi. God help me man.

Now its the final year of being a student. yes. Sem 7. Total 8 sems. I am afraid of the future. Yes, Lim San San is! LOL.

This year ain't that good. Got involved in a major accident *i'm fine obviously- no injury!- lucky me* it was pretty devastating due to the fact that I need the car to move around in seremban when I was attached there for clinical posting! but thanks god for wonderful friends and housemate I was saved!

That's one of the worse thing that happened to me for this year. I would regard the rest as not-so-serious lah k? hehe

Other than that, I think I have had pretty fair share of fun. Meeting people, making new friends, tried new food and drinks =))

Oh can't wait for me friend Shaun to be back!

I also have a Hong Kong trip with the family in mid of DEC. =))

Fast updates will end here. Got lazy *why am I not surprised*

I'll be back okay!


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Vivien Quay said...

hola hola! welcome back!